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The developer of the best Android app for Twitter works for Twitter now

The developer of the best Android app for Twitter works for Twitter now


If you can't beat 'em ...

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The man behind one of Twitter's best third-party Android clients has been hired by Twitter itself. Joaquim Vergès (no relation!), developer of Falcon Pro, tweeted today that he is going to work for the company after a somewhat conflicted history.

In follow-up tweets, Vergès said Falcon would "stay with" him, and added he would continue developing the app so he could "try new experiments without the slowness of a big company." He told The Verge that for his first several months at Twitter he would focus "100 percent" on his role with the core user interface team, where he will be working on Twitter's native client for Android.

Vergès has at times butted heads with Twitter over the limits it started placing on third-party clients, notably a limit on the number of users a third-party app can support. At one point, Falcon had a hidden mode that added extra users by registering a nonexistent app with Twitter so its API key could be used to get around the limit that had been placed on Falcon.

Twitter was once a playground for user interface design, and third-party developers were often the first to integrate features like retweets into their apps. That changed when the company decided to shift from a decentralized system of apps sharing infrastructure to a company that more closely resembles a broadcast network. The move has been difficult on third-party developers, particularly those who make full-featured Twitter clients. Vergés acknowledged that this played a role in his decision:

Vergès starts his new job on August 17th.