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Amazon releases pilot for Bryan Cranston's new show, Sneaky Pete

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Bryan Cranston is coming back to TV. Well, in a way, at least. The Breaking Bad star's new show, Sneaky Pete, premiered on Amazon yesterday, and you can watch the pilot right now. Cranston executive produced the new show, which was yet to be picked up, and he makes an on-screen appearance as well.

Sneaky Pete follows an ex-con named Marius (Giovanni Ribisi) who takes on his cellmate's identity to avoid his past. It appears he goes all-in on the disguise: he even reunites with his "family," which is easily fooled by the con-man. Cranston plays the role of a man who's tracking down Marius — we're assuming he doesn't have any good news to deliver.

If you'd like Amazon to order the show, be sure to vote for the pilot after you watch it. Anyone with a Prime subscription can stream the pilot for free.