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Watch IndyCar's Marco Andretti tear it up on the track against a MotoGP racer

Okay, granted, it's painfully obvious that neither racer is pushing their machine to its limit — far from it — but it's still a good time whenever you see a car on a motorcycle on a race track at the same time. This particular exhibition comes courtesy of IndyCar's Marco Andretti and MotoGP's Dani Pedrosa, hustling around Indianapolis Motor Speedway side-by-side. It looks like they're having fun, but it makes you wonder how the video would've looked had Andretti and Pedrosa been pushing it.

The video is actually a promotional tool for Sunday's MotoGP race at Indy, which starts at 2PM ET; you'll be able to catch it on FOX Sports 1. Don't expect any IndyCars on the track, though.