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Windows 10: Going All-In with Apple


The problems that I've had with this OS. From Draconian Driver Updates, to Power Management Issues. It's finally pushed me over the edge and I'm ordering a MacBook Air to replace my Windows Notebook, which I will probably use to start tinkering with Linux distress moving forwards.

I have to say, I've never had as bad technical support as I've had with Microsoft over the phone or in their little Chat App.

"sfc /scannow" is the answer to everything, apparently, and all they do is beg to remote into your PC to check things that don't exist.

Had one of them tell me to just "give the new system some time," which sounds logical until the power management has your devices dying overnight in sleep mode or leaves you unable to wake your laptop without wearing out your power button.

These basic things don't break with Apple updates, so I'm giving up on my quest to diversify and going with the most reliable choice available.

This OS was released months too early. It's Beta-level at best. RC if you're really stretching it. Maybe by October or so they'll get the kinks out, though I'm sure Microsoft will not fix the power management issues I have. They never seem to fix these things, and there have been bugs with Sleep since several months before release on this OS. They keep telling me it's a hardware issue, even though I can put in an OpenSUSE or Ubuntu Live CD and the Sleep Function (and waking from KB/Touchpad) works flawlessly there... Clearly it's Windows 10.

In any case, I can't wait months for this to fix itself. I got shit to do that doesn't involve troubleshooting or working around computer problems.

I'm still astonished that such blatant bugginess was able to make it past 1st-tier Quality Control...