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Grand Theft Auto 5 modders add Star Wars speeders and Star Destroyers

Grand Theft Auto 5 modders add Star Wars speeders and Star Destroyers

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Superimposing Star Wars' biggest spaceships over cities is apparently a hot new trend. First we saw Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer Executor hanging over real-world Manhattan, now, thanks to a mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5, you can fly another Imperial capital ship over the game's Los Angeles analog, Los Santos. The mod changes GTA 5's blimp, re-skinning it to appear as a classic Imperial Star Destroyer — the same ship that chases Princess Leia's Tantive IV in the opening shot of Star Wars: A New Hope.

Modders have also inserted landspeeders into the game

That's not the only way you can Star Wars-ify the latest Grand Theft Auto. Industrious modders have also inserted a set of landspeeders into the game, tweaking the files of cars and bikes so they appear as gleaming, levitating machines. YouTuber TwoDynamic shows off the stunt speeders on a dedicated mega-ramp, using it to launch higher into the Los Santos sky than the Star Destroyer itself. If you choose to download and install the files for the craft from, why not complete the Star Wars illusion with another mod that adds "force powers," giving players the ability to raise cars off the road as simply as Yoda can lift X-Wings out of swamps.

There's some impressive fidelity in this latest round of Star Wars-themed GTA 5 mods, but they're by no means the weirdest ones available. Mere months after its PC release, coders have added ways to flood the city, drop whales from the sky, use a gun that fires trucks, and turn a cat into a flamethrower. If the still-active GTA 4 modding community is anything to go by, PC GTA 5 players should expect a constant stream of strangeness over the next few years.