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Google's new logo inspires love, passion, and fear

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Earlier today, Google unveiled a new logo, the company's first major design change in 16 years. People are going nuts for it. It's flatter than the old logos and more whimsical, but mostly it's just new, which means it looks extremely strange to anyone who's spent more than a decade growing accustomed to the old one.

Here's a slider for easy comparison.

And this is the square, mobile-friendly version.

Square Google Logo

So far, reactions have been all over the place, ranging from joy to disgust, often from the same person within the span of minutes. Logos are emotional things! Who can say how they will make us feel in any given moment?

Others found the tilted "e" suspiciously similar to Enron and Mr. Robot's Evil Corp.

Or maybe what's really suspicious is how much all of us care?

What do you think? Do you care at all? Do you care so much that you need more time to organize your feelings?