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Here are some Google logos that didn’t make the cut

Here are some Google logos that didn’t make the cut


A peek behind the curtain on Google's design blog

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Google revamped its logo today, and reactions to the change are already pouring in. But the company also gave us a glimpse of what else might have been. In the middle of a near-1,500-word blog post about the news sits an unassuming picture of Google employees who are weighing a number of different designs, all presumably riffs on the Google logo that didn't make the cut.

There are some attempts at making the typeface all lowercase, one that looks very close to the design that Google just abandoned, and a few that are close to what we now know is the real thing. Perhaps the most radical is the one all the way to the far right — a more graphical spin on the logo where where "Google" is spelled out in solid circles and blocks.

It would be silly to think that a lot of work didn't go into the new logo even though the brand new design has a "simple" aesthetic. Google is, after all, such a massive company that it recently authored a major reshuffling of its corporate structure. And, while it's obvious they aren't trying to hide these designs that they passed on, it's a cool peek behind the curtain at the process.

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