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Tesla is now privately letting customers order their Model X, starting at $132,000

Tesla is now privately letting customers order their Model X, starting at $132,000

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It's still not visible on the company's website — but if you put down a deposit ahead of time, Tesla is now letting you spec out your inaugural Model X Signature Series crossover, representing some of the very first production vehicles that roll off the line. The launch of the configurator tool, reported by Bloomberg, has been confirmed to The Verge by a Tesla spokesperson.

Pricing for this version of the X starts at $132,000 before tax credits, but the "Ludicrous Mode" speed upgrade — announced in July — will run an extra $10,000. The online tool lets customers choose their paint and interior colors, select options, and prepare for the inevitable reality of spending a very large sum of money for the only serious electric luxury crossover on the market. This also gives us a first glimpse at the final, uncamouflaged version of the car, which appears largely unchanged from the design prototypes that it has been showing at various auto shows and events for years. As for specs, the 90kWh battery pack (also announced in July) will be good for 240 miles on a charge and a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds. For comparison, the base Model S P90D is rated for 253 miles with a 0-60 time of 3.1 seconds, so the Model X's additional heft definitely shows here.

Add $10,000 for Ludicrous Mode

This moment has been a long time coming: Tesla has promised September deliveries for the Model X in recent months, but the launch of the model only comes after many months of delays. Elon Musk has admitted that developing the new vehicle was more challenging than the company had originally anticipated (it runs on a modified version of the Model S platform, but there are many unique elements like the so-called Falcon Wing doors that open upward).

But if you haven't put a deposit in, don't expect a delivery any time soon: Tesla's site says new orders won't arrive until "early 2016."