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Indian woman who sued Uber after alleged rape voluntarily ends lawsuit

Indian woman who sued Uber after alleged rape voluntarily ends lawsuit

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The 25-year-old Indian woman who sued Uber in January after accusing one of the company's drivers of raping her has voluntarily ended the suit. According to Reuters, no details were released about how the case was settled, and neither Uber nor the woman have released statements about the case.

Uber was briefly banned in Delhi after the accusations

The unnamed passenger stepped forward last December to name 32-year-old Shiv Kumar Yadav as the driver who allegedly raped and beat her while she was on her way home from a dinner. The incident took place in Delhi, which, in the years since the fatal gang rape of a woman on a bus in 2012, has come to be known as the rape capital of India. The Delhi government took swift action, and banned Uber in the city outright.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick called the incident "horrific," and stated that the company would improve its policies going forward. "We will also partner closely with the groups who are leading the way on women’s safety here in New Delhi and around the country," he said, "and invest in technology advances to help make New Delhi a safer city for women." Service was reinstated in January, and the company added an SOS button to its app the following month to address concerns. However, after the passenger sued, Uber asked a San Francisco court to drop the lawsuit.