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Samsung Galaxy users are getting an exclusive news app

Samsung Galaxy users are getting an exclusive news app


But it's only available in Germany and Poland

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Samsung today announced that it is partnering with European publisher Axel Springer to develop a news platform called Upday. The aggregated news content platform will offer "Need to Know" information curated by a local editorial team and "Want to Know" information which will be generated automatically by an algorithm.

The announcement follows Apple's unveiling of its own news app, Apple News, which will debut in iOS 9. Samsung hasn't released details about which news publishers will be featured in Upday. There don’t appear to be any plans to release the app on any devices besides Samsung’s Galaxy phones, so it looks like Upday will be an exclusive application, much like Flipboard for Android was initially.

Axel Springer hasn't yet revealed whether it'll be publishing exclusive content through Upday, nor how much editorial control it plans to maintain. The early beta version of Upday will be available on the Google Play Store and through Samsung’s Galaxy Apps service on September 3rd, but only for users in Germany and Poland. The full launch is expected early next year, which is also when the service will roll out to more markets across Europe.