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Rumored Droid Turbo 2 photo shows a smartphone ruined by Verizon branding

Rumored Droid Turbo 2 photo shows a smartphone ruined by Verizon branding


What happened here?

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Motorola's next Droid smartphone for Verizon sounds like a true flagship in terms of hardware specifications, but boy is it ugly. Upleaks has posted a render of what's claimed to be the Droid Turbo 2, a phone that resembles the Moto X Play with some noticeable design tweaks — and carrier branding turned up to 11.

Elsewhere in the world, this phone will reportedly be known as the Moto X Force. Motorola has split up its front-facing speaker, a design choice that Verizon has used to sandwich its signature checkmark (which isn't even the company's logo anymore) right in the middle. Bizarrely, it's only the check with no "Verizon" text beneath it. Around back is the familiar Droid emblem on top of Motorola's patterned silicon material that also appears on the Play. That part's expected and excusable.

Upleaks has previously posted details of what else we can expect from the new Droid, which is said to — somehow — include a "shatterproof" 5.43-inch display, Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM, and support for microSD cards.

With the rest of Motorola's 2015 phone lineup either already on the market or about to ship, it probably won't be long before Verizon and Moto tack on this last piece of the family. If there's one positive, it's that this thing looks way better in black (pictured below). But even then, we'd probably stick with the Moto X Pure Edition and avoid Verizon's ridiculous branding and whatever bloatware comes on this device.