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California governor vetoes drone bill after objections from the tech industry

California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill yesterday that would have barred drones from flying within 350 feet above property without "express permission" of the property owners. Despite easily passing the state legislature, the bill was opposed by tech industry companies and trade organizations.

As Recode reports, the Consumer Electronics Association — which counts Amazon and Google among its members, both of which are planning drone delivery services — was a vocal opponent of the legislation. GoPro, which recently announced plans for a drone, also pushed back against the bill.

Brown, in a statement on the veto, raised legal concerns about the bill. "Drone technology certainly raises novel issues that merit careful examination," the statement reads. "This bill, however, while well-intentioned, could expose the occasional hobbyist and the FAA-approved commercial user alike to burdensome litigation and new causes of action." He suggested the issue be looked at "more carefully."