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iOS 9.1 will let you send people the middle finger emoji

iOS 9.1 will let you send people the middle finger emoji

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Nearly 15 months after approval for Unicode 7, the middle finger emoji appears to be heading to iOS. 9to5Mac's gallery of the new emoji in iOS 9.1 includes many anticipated emoji, namely the :burrito: (:praise:), but the :middle finger: is the most unexpected icon to appear on Apple's platform.

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I have mixed feelings about the middle finger emoji, to be quite frank. On one hand, it's a widely used gesture with widely understood meaning. I respect the emoji's directness. On the other hand, I've always enjoyed the creativity previous emoji collections have required of people who want to express disapproval or rage. Maybe they had to combo with :smiley face:, :left pointing arrow:, and :angry face:. Perhaps they go passive aggressive with :monkey covering ears:. Or maybe they use :poop:, :poop:, :poop:. :Middle finger: is nice enough, but it seems a little, I don't know, easy.

Anyway, very much unrelated, but who the hell does this new guy think he is?

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