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Microsoft will soon invite gamers to test Windows 10 on Xbox One

The all-new Xbox One dashboard, which is powered by Windows 10, will roll out to all owners of the console in November. But before that happens, Microsoft is letting its Xbox Preview Program install the new software early and help mold the final product before it reaches everyone. "Because this is a significant update, we are giving Preview members the opportunity to decide for themselves if and how they want to participate in helping us release the New Xbox One Experience," the Xbox team wrote today.

Microsoft will start with a small group of preview members who've given the company frequent feedback. "Our goal is to start with a group, get feedback, then roll out to larger groups for additional feedback over time." Invites for the New Xbox One Experience will be distributed via Xbox Live messages. If you opt in, you'll receive regular updates as the November launch approaches. But Microsoft is also giving users the option of staying out of the new dashboard testing phase — while still receiving "regular" preview updates.

The revised Xbox One dashboard will introduce a brand new user interface along with backward compatibility with Xbox 360 titles; over 100 will be available at launch. And a new guide promises to make completing common tasks (checking your friends list, starting a party, changing system settings, etc.) much faster — without pulling you away from your game. Improvements to the store and OneGuide are also coming with the update along with many other changes.

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