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T-Mobile is knocking $125 off the price of the iPhone 6S

T-Mobile is knocking $125 off the price of the iPhone 6S

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T-Mobile CEO John Legere isn't one to let the introduction of a new iPhone pass by without using it to drum up interest in his company, and this time he's doing it by offering an extravagant deal on Apple's latest flagship phones. In a blog post and video today, he announced that T-Mobile will be offering the iPhone 6S for $20 a month through the carrier's Jump on Demand program, with the 6S plus going for $24 a month. Jump on Demand is an 18-month leasing plan which allows customers to switch devices up to three different times a year, but when you factor in the $164 pay-off prospective customers would owe at the end it means T-Mobile is essentially selling the iPhone 6S for $524.

Update: Read the iPhone 6S review.

Given that the 16GB entry-level model will retail for $649, that's some solid savings — provided you're open to T-Mobile, of course. The carrier also has its usual offer of paying customers up to $650 for any costs they incur getting out of their contracts with their current carrier. You can check out the video above to hear Legere talk about the deal, LTE, T-Mobile's "lifetime guarantee" (they'll unlock your phone if you don't like their coverage), and just generally sound awesome. But fair warning to you Legere fans out there: he only swears once.

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