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Lady Gaga is the terrifying centerpiece of the first American Horror Story: Hotel trailer

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Our first glimpse of Lady Gaga in Hotel, the fifth season of campy horror anthology series American Horror Story, is less than two seconds long, and we only see her face for a single frame. The trailer starts in what looks like a candied murder disco in a dilapidated Motel 6 and leads us to Gaga — rocking a ghostly vampiric stare and miles of platinum blonde hair that carpets the hall. She's supported by a terrifying ensemble cast: Sarah Paulson drags a mattress stitched up with a body inside; Angela Bassett traipses down the hall, tugging a man by a dog collar; and Kathy Bates, she just exists as Kathy Bates.

And in standard Ryan Murphy so-tasteless-it-might-be-great style, we get a blender full of blood in the middle of the floor.

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres October 7th on FX.