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You can use the new Moto X on Google's Project Fi network

You can use the new Moto X on Google's Project Fi network


Well, sort of

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The Nexus 6 is no longer the only phone that's compatible with Project Fi. Droid Life has discovered that the new Moto X Pure Edition can successfully be activated on Google's MVNO network using a fresh SIM card from Google, and functions normally without any major issues. LTE data works fine, and voice calls also go through problem-free. But there's confusion around whether the Moto X can actually utilize Wi-Fi calling on Fi, and some early tests seem to suggest it's only communicating with T-Mobile's network; the Nexus 6 intelligently hands off between T-Mobile and Sprint depending on which carrier has a stronger signal.

So those quirks could definitely remove some of Project Fi's appeal. But it technically works, and it's very interesting that the Project Fi app will allow you to set up a brand new Fi account using only the Moto X. Google and Motorola haven't announced any plans for the device to officially support Fi, but we've reached out to both companies for more information on whether that's coming. Google is expected to announce two new Nexus smartphones in the coming weeks (one from LG and a larger phone from Huawei), and those devices should give consumers more choices if they're interested in Google's mobile network experiment — but not the Nexus 6 itself.