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The Knick season 2 trailer: Clive Owen keeps hitting bottom

Last year Steven Soderbergh and actor Clive Owen teamed up for The Knick, a riveting period drama about New York's Knickerbocker Hospital in the early 1900s. The show aired on Cinemax, so at the time I ended up seeing just the smattering of episodes that HBO ran in order to promote its sister network, but I was taken by the show: its horrifically clinical treatment of the subject matter; Owen's committed performance as a brilliant surgeon-slash-junkie; and its visual style, which could only be described as Soderberghian.

The entirety of that first season is now available on HBO Go, but I'm thinking about springing for a Cinemax subscription this time around because this new trailer seems to show off everything that made the first season so compelling — and more. (I'm not kidding on that last part; just scroll to 1:14 and see what I mean.) The new season of The Knick premieres on October 16th.