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Tumblr now has its own clothing line designed by some of its biggest bloggers

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Tumblr is partnering with Print All Over Me — a website that lets designers add custom prints to a cycling selection of basic clothing silhouettes and collect a portion of the profits — to release its first ever clothing line. The project, in honor of Tumblr's 10th year of involvement with New York Fashion Week, spotlights young designers with large Tumblr followings.

The project is interesting not just because of the crazy cool clothes (ranging in price from $30 to $250) but because this is one of the very few times in which establishing a large Tumblr following has paid off in the real world. Tumblr has always felt like an incredibly insular place: it doesn't reward personalities nearly as much as it rewards the value of individual posts and very rarely draws the eye of the mainstream internet.

Tumblr has always felt like an incredibly insular world

There is no clean way to share Tumblr content on other social media platforms, no easy way to search it for anything less specific than GIF sets and song lyrics, and its anonymous anarchy means that many users relish it as a space specifically for going unnoticed. Some Tumblr users even expressly discourage others from "reblogging" or sharing their work, and unless a user attaches their real name to their blog or you happen to know their email address, you won't find them.

Therefore it seems unlikely that sourcing Tumblr for promising creative talent will become a new norm anytime soon, considering the platforms unique opaqueness, but stranger things have happened.

In classic Tumblr style, the designers are advertising their wares with GIFs:


John Karel

tumblr clothing

John McLaughlin

tumblr clothing

Lauren Pelc-McArthur

Monica Tramos

Monica Tramos

Tumblr's Valentine Uhovski told The New York Times, "We wanted every look to feel like a Tumblr post. When you enter the pop-up shop, you'll feel like you're inside of a Tumblr dashboard."

The clothes will be available for purchase at a pop-up shop at 339 West 38th street in New York City from 10AM to 5PM today through Sunday, and online through Print All Over Me starting Monday.