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Watch Furious 7's new featurette about Dom's insane off-road Charger

One of the highlights of this summer's Furious 7 was the beastly black-and-red Charger assembled by Mr. Nobody's elite squad, later parachuted into the middle of nowhere by Vin Diesel's Dom Toretto on a mission to save Ramsey. (If that sentence didn't mean anything to you, you've got some catching up to do. Start here.) The seventh installment of everyone's favorite film franchise about family, LA, and drifting comes out on Blu-ray next week, and with it are a bunch of featurettes — including one that goes behind the scenes of Furious 7's wild action sequences. Needless to say, driving a raised hunk of Detroit steel down the side of a mountain doesn't happen without a little planning.

Check out the featurette above; the Blu-ray comes out on the 15th, but if you prefer your media digital, you can already buy Furious 7 on all the major services.