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Did anyone else sign up for the iPhone Upgrade Program last night?


Whelp. Apple got me. Of all their announcements this week, it was perhaps the iPhone Upgrade Program I was most excited about. So, last night, while everyone else was pre-ordering, I was reserving a spot to...go to a store and sign up for a payment plan. It was a bit weird, honestly, to sign up to eventually spend money.

I know it’s not the 100% most cost efficient method of getting a new phone, but I actually prefer monthly payments to dropping scary amounts of money all at once and dealing with selling an old phone. It’s easier to budget/mentally account for "I will pay this amount every month and always have the latest unlocked iPhone with Apple Care". And let's face it - I'm always going to want the latest phone. No use pretending otherwise.

At least I can comfort myself slightly by pretending I'm giving the carriers the finger, no matter how small of a gesture it is in reality.

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