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New Sony ad is James Bond product placement in reverse

New Sony ad is James Bond product placement in reverse

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Daniel Craig's reluctance to hold an Xperia aside, you can probably expect Spectre to follow other recent James Bond movies in serving up some pretty hardcore Sony product placement. And the corporate collaboration goes both ways — Sony just showed off its first tie-in commercial, an "action-packed mini movie in itself" directed by Danny Kleinman, director of several Bond title sequences.

The gadgetry contained within, including the Xperia Z5 smartphone and RX100 Mark IV compact camera, are billed as "Made for Bond"; the ad features Naomie Harris' Moneypenny on a mission to, well, pick up a phone for Bond in London. The film was mostly shot on Sony's F65 4K cinema camera, with the RX100 Mark IV providing additional slow-motion footage.

"Whether being used by Moneypenny on undercover surveillance or a creative photographer who wants to take and share outstanding photography captured on social channels," says Sony CEO Kaz Hirai in an amazing statement, the Z5 and RX100 Mark IV are "easy to use, pocketable and award-winning products for day-to-day and secret agent use alike."

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