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Microsoft celebrates Super Mario Bros. with a ninja cat Easter egg

Microsoft celebrates Super Mario Bros. with a ninja cat Easter egg

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Yesterday marked 30 years since the release of Super Mario Bros. on the NES, a milestone that led to the 13th of September being marked as "8-bit Day." Nintendo celebrated the event in its own fashion, but the Japanese company wasn't the only console creator to celebrate the occasion. Microsoft created its own easter egg for 8-bit Day, rewarding people who entered the famous Konami code on its homepage with a slice of video game history, a cute little message from the company, and a pixelated version of Microsoft's ninja cat riding its T. Rex steed.

Microsoft's ninja cat has rapidly become the company's unofficial mascot since it was spotted in March this year. At first the bandana-sporting kitty rode a fire-breathing unicorn, appearing in sticker format in Microsoft's store, before switching over to the back of a Tyrannosaurus for its inclusion in Skype.


In its latest outing, pressing up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right on the arrow keys, and then pressing the B and A keys will send the cat and dinosaur combo riding along the bottom of your screen, pooping out quarters as they travel. Drag one of the coins into the slot that appears and suggested search topics will appear, including Pac-Man, the Legend of Zelda games, and Frogger.

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