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This is Audi's e-tron quattro concept, an electric SUV with 310-mile range

Presented at Volkswagen's press conference today ahead of this week's Frankfurt auto show, Audi took the wraps off its e-tron quattro concept — an all-electric SUV that previews a forthcoming large production EV in the company's future. The company calls it a "benchmark" for Audi's EVs going forward.

The real news here is less how the e-tron quattro looks and more about how far it goes: Audi is promising some 310 miles on a charge, which plays firmly in Tesla territory. It's also further than Audi's own bespoke R8 e-tron sports car, introduced earlier this year. The SUV features three drive motors, OLED lighting, and a cooling system that includes rather badass-looking louvers integrated into the hood.

Audi e-tron quattro gif

Not many other details were given — Audi's saving those for its own, independent press conference in Frankfurt tomorrow — but from what we saw on stage this evening, the car looks very close to something that could go into production. Odds are this isn't more than a couple years off.