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Microsoft hid a secret ninja cat in its Windows 10 hardware invite

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Apple is usually the company that hides secret hints in its event invites, but Microsoft is joining in on the fun today, too. Hidden in the full Windows 10 hardware invite, Microsoft embedded some binary code that links to a webpage with a new ninja cat wallpaper. Reddit users were quick to crack the code and discover the webpage, and the wallpaper features the Windows ninja cat riding King Kong, picking out bacon-powered planes out of the sky.

Microsoft's Windows ninja cat has grown in popularity in recent months. Originally discovered earlier this year, it started as a small meme inside Microsoft that gathered pace among Windows fans. Microsoft updated Skype in July to include the Windows ninja cat riding a Tyrannosaurus rex as an emoticon, and the software maker even added an 8-bit version to its homepage yesterday. Microsoft's latest creation is less of a tease for the real hardware announcements expected on October 6th, but it's a bit of fun for the Windows fans anxiously awaiting a Surface Pro 3 successor and new Lumia handsets.

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