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Bloodborne: The Old Hunters is the first expansion for the PS4's best exclusive game

A 'full scale' DLC for Bloodborne, available November 24th

One of this year's best and most twisted games is getting its first expansion this November. Bloodborne: The Old Hunters has just been announced as part of Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference, with the company's Shuhei Yoshida promising that it will be a "full scale" expansion for Bloodborne. The teaser trailer for the new content shows off even more gore and even more crazy boss battles than the original.

Sony isn't disclosing any narrative details yet, but the old hunters were central to the lore of the original Bloodborne, and since they're mostly gone by the time you play through the game, the title could be a hint toward a sort of prequel. That's what game maker From Software has done with the expansion packs for its earlier, equally gruesome and gritty Dark Souls 2, so we can probably expect a journey into Bloodborne's past later this holiday season.

The Bloodborne: The Old Hunters expansion will be available as a download on November 24th and as a retail pack with the original game on December 3rd.

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