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Will you get an iPad Pro? [POLL]


Hey everyone, I'm surprised this haven't been asked yet but with all the iPad Pro and Surface Pro hype and discussions in the forums I'd like to specifically poll the community about whether they're planning to get an iPad Pro or not.

What I'm also very interested in is where you're coming from and what you're planning to use it for. Is it your first time iPad or tablet, are you just upgrading from an older/smaller tablet/iPad, are you even planning to replace your laptop with it and so on. So I'd be happy to see you leaving a comment elaborating your choice!

P.S. The "Keyboard" in the poll isn't necessarily the official Apple Keyboard Cover. If you're planning to buy a cheaper third party alternative when available, feel free to take this option as well.

P.P.S. The Surface Pro option in the poll isn't meant to troll or start flame wars. The reason it's there is because there are quite a few comments out there from people who waited for the official iPad Pro announcement to finally decide between the two. Also, many seem to see the iPad Pro as the Surface Pro competitor bar none.


We're about 2 hours in and I'm surprised by the level of participation, keep it up everyone and thank you.

Interesting so far is that it seems like the two most expensive options are also the most popular ones. Happy ASPs and healthy margins for Apple.


Interesting observations so far, let's analyze some of the numbers (state at 10,548 votes):

  • 22% are planning to get an iPad Pro, 78% don't.
  • Just 11% of buyers are planning to get the iPad Pro without any accessories.
  • 80% of buyers are planning to get the Pencil.
  • 48% of buyers are getting a full package with Pencil and keyboard.
  • 73% are going with 128GB, 30% even with the LTE model.
  • 40% of buyers are opting for a 128GB model with Pencil and keyboard.
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