This is Hyundai's N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo supercar


Yes, it's yet another major manufacturer to contribute a car to Gran Turismo's Vision Gran Turismo series of pie-in-the-sky virtual vehicles — but this one has a real-world twist to it.

The Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo is an 872-horsepower monster, getting its power through four in-wheel motors connected to a hydrogen fuel cell system. As for the design, Hyundai says it "draws inspiration from aeronautics and the testing ground called ‘Muroc Dry Lake’ where pilots and astronauts train, risking their lives for the pursuit of space travel." I'm not seeing any real connection to a dry lake here, but it's apparently strong enough that Hyundai also refers to this car as the "Muroc."

Never mind that, though: this car represents the launch of Hyundai's N brand, a new division that will focus on high-performance cars — think Nissan's Nismo, BMW's M, or Cadillac's V. So while you're not going to see the Muroc on the road any time soon (or ever, actually), you will eventually see N cars driving around. (Still, the quickest option for trying an N car will undoubtedly be the Muroc download into Gran Turismo 6.)

If you've ever wanted an all-out version of the Sonata, now's the time to make your case.

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