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The infinite loneliness and crushing reality of the Taylor Swift corn maze

The face of the pop singer with the blond hair and the perfect lipstick is now an art installation, a mental and physical puzzle, and a beautiful blight on the lonely Maryland landscape created by several ambitious farmers. Here, carved into the Earth, her features are pathways where the dead ends come unexpectedly and every turn is indistinguishable from the next. When you do find the finish line, your only reward is corn.

This is all we have

We are in the maze now. Please listen. It's important that you know this. The maze is the solution to all your problems and the answer to none. There is nothing more than this maze, right now, but the maze can never be what you want it to be. The maze will only ever be the sum of corn and the absence of corn. The corn will never know you like you want it to know you. The maze is the beginning and the end; it is all the friends you never had, and all the things you never said. It is the dissolution of a friendship and the first day of your life. It is a lover you don't have to love. It is the scar on your right knee. It is the emo revival. It is the color orange under florescent light. It is Narnia, chronicled.

I was under the impression once that the blindingly high stalks of corn that line this maze could be trimmed. That if we just figured out the correct pattern of right turns and left turns to take we could somehow avoid the inevitable end: standing at a finish line surrounded by raw vegetation. But I was naïve. This is where we were meant to be. And maybe right now it feels like just another strange interpretation of a celebrity's face, but there will come a moment when you realize it's much more than that. In that moment, you will know that you'll never know.

There is no beginning and no end. There is only this maze, happening over and over again, forever. It officially opens on September 26th.