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This is what it's like to drive through a California wildfire

This is what it's like to drive through a California wildfire

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Northern California is currently enduring one of its most destructive fire seasons to date, worsened by a four-year drought that's being called the worst in 500 years. Despite the problem's severity, however, Americans across the country might have difficulty imagining the situation. YouTube user mulletFive uploaded a video taken from Anderson Springs showing a car ride out of the ongoing Valley fire. Luckily, he made it to the Bay Area safe and sound.

This is a problem. According to CBS News, about 23,000 people have been displaced because of the fires, and around 750 homes have been destroyed. Firefighters are currently struggling to contain the blaze, with only 10 percent controlled as of this writing.

Yet another year of terrible fires for California

Unfortunately, as bad as this fire is, it's not the first of its kind that responders have seen. Last year's wildfire season was was called unprecedented at the time, and firefighters have reportedly seen 1,500 more fires this time around. Hopefully, as cooler weather approaches, the fires can be more easily contained going forward.