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Fingerprint security is finally coming to Android apps

Fingerprint security is finally coming to Android apps


Bank of America is the first app out of the gate

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Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Fingerprint sensors are going to be big on Android this year with support being built right into Marshmallow. A number of Android phones already have a head start on including these sensors — some better than others — and it looks like we can expect apps to start adding support now that they're rolling out wider. Among those apps is Bank of America, which announced today that it's added support for fingerprint scans on Android, allowing people to set up a fingerprint within the app to log them in. It's also adding support for Touch ID on iOS, which draws an interesting parallel: it took Bank of America a full year to add this feature on iOS, whereas Android only begins to offer proper support for fingerprint sensors this (or maybe next) month.

Bank of America is also launching an Apple Watch app today. Given that it's out now, the app can't be one of the new native Watch apps that should start launching as soon as tomorrow. If Touch ID is any indication, Apple Watch owners can expect a native Bank of America app next year.