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Amazon talks up Fire TV's content selection ahead of new Apple TV launch

Amazon talks up Fire TV's content selection ahead of new Apple TV launch

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Amazon's got a habit of issuing press releases that boast about the wide array of programming you can stream with its Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Today the company has done that again, claiming that the Fire TV is home to the "largest and fastest growing selection of any streaming media player." That selection has grown by a factor of 17 since last April, Amazon says, though the company doesn't spell out an overall number. Instead, Amazon points out — yet again — that you'll find endless entertainment from HBO Go / Now, Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, WatchESPN, and other popular apps if you buy one of its living room devices.

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This war of words over who has the best and deepest content to choose from is only going to heat up as the newly revamped Apple TV heads to market. With a proper App Store now included with Apple's set-top box, we'll be seeing new entertainment options pop up more frequently than before, when Apple would periodically throw a handful of new "channels" onto the prior Apple TV every couple months. So Amazon is trying to get out in front of that and send consumers a message that it already has a big library of apps and games, and that the catalog is only getting bigger.

But Amazon's selection is by no means perfect; Fire TV apps listed as "coming soon" like FOX Now and FX Now have been available on Apple TV — the old Apple TV — for months. Obviously Amazon has an early lead in games, as we can't yet predict just how quickly titles will invade Apple's new box come October. But it's unlikely most consumers are buying Amazon hardware just to play Pacman 256 on a TV set.

There is one cord-cutter's app you can stream through Amazon (and other set-top boxes) that's not on Apple TV: Sling TV. Dish's internet TV service hasn't yet committed to launching on Apple's platform, with a spokesperson recently telling The Verge that the company is "evaluating" such a move. It's currently available on iPhone and iPad, but Sling doesn't offer AirPlay support, so there's no easy path for consumers to watch from Apple's living room box. It seems Sling subscribers have taken to Amazon's Fire TV and Fire TV Stick; they stream an average of 16 hours of live TV per week, per the press release. But in terms of "exclusives," the Fire TV doesn't really offer much to help it stand out from the pile. The content you can watch across these devices is nearly identical, and that won't change anytime soon.