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Skype lets you add Muppet videos to your chats with 'Moji'

Brand activations: wokka wokka wokka!

Skype has just come out with a thing they're calling "Mojis," which are essentially little video clips you can insert into your chats. The difference from traditional stickers? Skype's version is done in partnership with big brands: Universal, the Muppets, the BBC, and more. To use them, you just tap on some of the alternate smiley-faced emoji at the right of the text entry window. You can then scroll through a bunch of thumbnails of your favorite Muppets mugging for the camera.

They're neat, and Microsoft is clearly pleased with them, calling them "an exciting new step on a journey to make Skype an even more personal experience." Beyond neat, what they also happen to be is a new opportunity for brand partnerships (or, as they have come to be known, "activations"). This isn't the first time you've been able to express yourself with Hollywood-appoved emoji in Skype, either. Inside Out has emoji in Skype, and way back in March 2014 you could have Captain America themed emoji, too.

The Next Web points out that Skype is also dropping in credit links on some of the Mojis, which also two ways. Good way: the creators get credit for their work, even in your private chat. Cynical way: it's a chance for Microsoft to sell you rentals in its Movies & TV store. I'd say we lean towards the cynical about these brand tie-ins, but I can't. Mainly because I can put Fozzie Bear and Sam Eagle into my chats. Wokka Wokka Wokka.

Correction: The emoji added to Skype today were not for Frozen, they were for Inside Out. We regret the error.