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Epix follows Amazon's lead and lets customers download movies

Now two weeks after Amazon announced it would allow its Prime customers to download movies for offline viewing, premium cable channel Epix is following suit. Starting this month, subscribers will be able to download movies from the channel's entertainment catalog directly to their mobile devices.

The timing of the announcement is certainly telling, since Netflix is set to lose its deal with Epix at the end of the month. That means that some of the best Epix content, such as The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Star Trek Into Darkness, is leaving with it. Now, coupled with Amazon's decision to make some content available offline, users have two reasons to eschew the Netflix app and watch their favorite movies wherever they want.

The content wars are only heating up

Making content available offline is something Netflix doesn't do, so it's unclear if the company will ever feel pushed in that direction. Right now, as companies like Netflix cut deals with Epix for exclusive movies and shows, the content wars are only heating up.