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Spotify adds pace-matching Running mode to Android app

Spotify adds pace-matching Running mode to Android app

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Spotify's Running mode, which debuted on iOS earlier this year, has made its way to the Android app. The feature is found in its own section — separated from Spotify's primary music experience — and is designed to provide a soundtrack that perfectly syncs with your running pace. When you begin a run, Spotify uses your smartphone's sensors to determine how fast you're going and picks songs with a matching tempo. It won't do you much good if your phone's resting on a treadmill; you'll have to briefly hold it or wear it on an armband for Running to function properly. Spotify has also created some of its own tracks, dubbed Running Originals, that will adapt to your changing running speed in real time.

Spotify Running tempo

Spotify Running was unveiled alongside "shows," the recently added Spotify portal where you can listen to podcasts and watch video clips. That's probably my least favorite thing the company has done of late and has made Spotify feel a bit bloated. It's the opposite of Discover Weekly, a genuinely useful addition that's been serving up a pretty fantastic batch of songs every week without overwhelming me with new music. And as for Running? Well, it's there if I feel like trying it, but for the most part, regular old playlists still work pretty well for my runs.

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