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Watch Jaguar's new F-Pace drive through the world's biggest vertical loop

I've wanted to go through a loop-the-loop since I first played Sonic 2 as a kid. My frail, useless human frame could never pull it off, but it's always fun to watch cars do it. Just watch this video. Don't think too much. It's just stunt driver Terry Grant driving Jaguar's new F-Pace SUV through the world's biggest vertical loop. No big deal.

Jaguar debuted the now record-breaking F-Pace at the Frankfurt Motor Show today. The company's first crossover SUV, the car looks like a cross between a luxury SUV and a normal car. Grant drove the car into a 63-foot-tall loop all for Jaguar's 80th anniversary, enduring 6.5G force — more than what space shuttle pilots face during launches — on the way through. Pretty impressive.