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Smart rifle company TrackingPoint says it's relaunching with 'leaner and stronger' team

After financial difficulties halted the production of its weapons, smart rifle company TrackingPoint says it is once again fulfilling orders, this time under a "leaner and stronger" team.

Despite major media attention, TrackingPoint's problems, as reported on by The Verge earlier this year, forced the company to shrink its staff ahead of an uncertain future. The company went through a succession of turbulent management changes, and more recently, its weapons were shown to be vulnerable to hackers.

TrackingPoint now says, however, that it has reorganized, and will work through a catalog of back-orders. John McHale, formerly TrackingPoint's Chairman, has taken the role he once held as the company's CEO. John Lupher, at one point also CEO of the company, has returned to the position of vice president of engineering. Austin Business Journal confirmed the Texas company was relaunching at "a fraction of its former size."

It's unclear if TrackingPoint will be pursuing a new business strategy, although in a statement, one member of the company's board said it will be "moving forward with renewed focus on law enforcement and the military."

The Verge has reached out to TrackingPoint for additional comment and will update this post as necessary.