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Lyft follows Uber with Las Vegas launch

Lyft follows Uber with Las Vegas launch


The more the merrier

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Ride-hailing service Lyft is launching in Las Vegas, Nevada today. The timing is notable because Lyft's primary competitor, Uber, relaunched service in Las Vegas earlier today. Lyft says it will be servicing from "Summerlin to Henderson, East Las Vegas to the Strip," and that the launch is only the beginning of more "fun and memorable experiences to Vegas in the months ahead."

Las Vegas is notorious for having a rather strong taxicab presence to and from the airport and along the Strip and its many hotels and casinos. Uber first tried to gain traction in the city last October, but was banned after about a month. At the time, Uber failed to convince Washoe County District Judge Scott Freeman with its common argument, that it's a technology company and not a transportation company. Nevada regulations require special operating permits to drive taxis, and Uber began accepting rides in the city without obtaining those permits.

Ride-hailing arrives on the Strip

Both Uber and Lyft obtained the necessary permits from the Nevada Transportation Authority only just yesterday and began operations today. Lyft was not previously operating in defiance of state law, so today marks the first time its drivers will ferry passengers around. The company plans to have 2,500 active cars statewide in the first two years of operation.