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Sony will add HDR support to some of its current 4K TVs this fall

HDR is the next big thing in TV

If you've purchased a Sony 4K TV this year, a big upgrade may be headed your way. Sony has announced that it will update a number of its 2015 4K TV lineup with HDR (High Dynamic Range) in the fall. The company will add HDR compatibility to its X850C, X900C, and X910C models through a network update in the coming weeks.

High Dynamic Range already exists on your phone, improving color reproduction and contrast rates in your photos, and now that technology is making its way to television. Sony already has announced HDR support for its very pricey X930C and X940C models, which start at $3,799, but the new wave of updates brings the technology to the much more broad market, with the X850C starting at $1,499.

While there is still a dearth of HDR — and for that matter 4K — content, HDR is where the industry is headed. Amazon did begin streaming two of its original shows in HDR back in June, but other than that it may be a while before HDR content is really a viable option. But having a TV that can handle the shift from basic 4K content to HDR shows and movies will save you money in the long run.