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Some iOS 9 downloads are failing

Some iOS 9 downloads are failing

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Every year Apple releases a new version of iOS to every iPhone and iPad owner at a single moment, and every year there's a bit of trouble getting through to Apple's busy servers to download it if you go right away. But this year, the problems appear to be more widespread. Across Twitter — and The Verge's Slack room — people are complaining that their iOS devices are returning an error when they attempt to download iOS 9. After seeing the update and agreeing to Apple's terms of service, a popup immediately appears saying, "Software update failed. An error occurred downloading iOS 9." iTunes also seems to have some issues.

It's likely enough that this error will subside as Apple's servers get it together, rather than this being a sign of a deeper bug. Some people have been able to download and install iOS 9 successfully, so the update does work. Really, this is only a minor frustration for early adopters — Apple just happens to have a lot of them. In the meantime, feel free to read our review of the new OS.

I'll leave you with this hot take from our own Chris Ziegler:

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