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Verge ESP: brands, space and autism with guest Steve Silberman

Verge ESP: brands, space and autism with guest Steve Silberman


Our brand is meatballs

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This week, in light of the beautiful love story Emily posted over the weekend, we're talking about brands. Did you know Homer was the original personal brand developer? How do brands affect criticism? How do brands affect our perception of the world? I'm not positive we answer any of these questions, but we sure have a good time talking about them.

We also chat about NASA, a brand of particular interest, and its duelling logos. Besides spurring a passionate graphic design conversation, NASA is also making news with the continued adventures of its New Horizons probe, which just released an image of the tiny potato-shaped Pluto moon Nix.

Finally, Liz has a chat with Steve Silberman, author of NeuroTribes, about the history of autism. Our understanding of the disorder has changed radically since it was first diagnosed, and much of it has been shaped by the contrasting ideas of two different doctors. Plus, they discuss why people on the spectrum often gravitate toward space — both careers in engineering and aeronautics, and the lure of imagination in science fiction.

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