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Android fanboys are trolling Apple’s Move to iOS app with 1-star reviews

Android fanboys are trolling Apple’s Move to iOS app with 1-star reviews

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Android fans are trashing Apple's first-ever Android app — probably because it's all about switching to iOS. Apple released its Move to iOS app into the Play Store yesterday to help people transfer their contacts, photos, and other data from an Android device over to an iOS device. Not surprisingly, Android fans are taking the entire concept of the app as something of an insult.

"Drowned into oblivion with a 1-star rating"

"I call on my fellow Android comrades to ensure this app gets drowned into oblivion with a 1-star rating never to be seen again on our cherished platform," writes reviewer Segun Omojokun. And that's basically what's happening. The app primarily has 5-star and 1-star reviews right now, with the vast majority being the latter. There are currently a little over 800 reviews with a 5 star rating and over 3,300 reviews with a 1-star rating. The app's overall rating currently sits at a 1.8.

The reviews are pretty entertaining to go through, with Android fans using the occasion to mock Apple for perceived failures. "This is a time travel app. Ever wish you could go back in time?" asks reviewer Jet C. "Well now you can! Experience all the features you have had for years all over again, but this time in slow, drawn out increments."

"I installed this and then realized that I could just use NFC to pair the two handsets and transfer all my stuff across," reviewer Michael Tyler writes. "Cant I? Oh wait... no I cant because despite my Android phones having NFC for the last four years it's somehow only a 'feature' on the newest iOS." His review goes on to criticize the iPhone for not including wireless charging, although it's unclear how that would have improved his experience with this app.

"Tried to use and got sick."

"If Apple was a country it would be North Korea," writes reviewer Akshat Singh. "Looks like Apple wants to attack our freedom and control everything we do on our phone and also charge us a bomb for it in this process."

There were also people who legitimately had a bad experience with the app. "My phone got really warm installing this," Sean Zatorsky writes in his review. "Immediately uninstalled due to fear of a fire. #applefail." That's not as bad as Jeffrey Fina, who writes that he, "Tried to use and got sick. I attempted to use this app and instead of data migration, I got Ebola." Embarrassing for Apple, if true.

Some people actually left serious criticism, albeit with harsh ratings to go along with it: "I'm rating 2 stars because this app probably works well, but it was done so poorly," writes a reviewer named Connor Kirkby. "I get that this is an Android to iPhone app, but you could have at least used a Material Design theme." A fair criticism! Move to iOS may well be the last Android app someone ever uses, but it should still look like an Android app.

People really want to move to iOS in Android style

That's actually a strangely common critique — a lot of people really just seem to want their Move to iOS experience to be themed with Material Design. "At least try to respect design specs for other OS," Hitesh Chavda writes in his review. "Google always do that when they create app for iOS. Shame on YOU!!!"

"When I downloaded the app it immediately prompted me to have full body reconstruction surgery in order to appear more like a sheep," reviewer Justin Vanpop writes. "I do not appreciate this one bit especially since the app is not up to Material Design standards."

"Could not be worse," Joe Maples review begins. "No Material Design, probably in Objective-C, doesn't work on my iPod touch 4th gen at all, can't overclock my toaster, and no included stylus!!"

"Dear Apple, You suck," begins reviewer Michael Sousa. "You have beautiful hardware but software only a blind idiot would use and all your best software features were taken from Android. This software doesn't even follow the Android design specs."

"Terrible app ... it's also incompatible with most of my devices."

"The app is terrible. Bad design, zero functionality, and definitely not user-friendly," a reviewer named Derek Le writes. "Also, the fact that this app require you to own an Apple device to run is ridiculous." The Move to iOS app, he seems to be suggesting, would be better if you could move to iOS without also owning an iOS device.

"Terrible app," writes a reviewer named Richard Martin, who seems to have had a similar time with the app. "Not only doesn't it conform to design standards, it's also incompatible with most of my devices." In short, not only is the app bad, but he can't even have that bad experience.

Most people don't seem to have used the app much, if it all, before reviewing it. Then again, maybe some people really are just having trouble with it: "I attempted to switch to iOS (apparently zombies ate my brain), and my iPhone 3G would not accept my data," someone named Marty Ballard writes. "Also, my micro USB would not fit." Okay, that one's probably a troll, too.