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Persona 5 has been delayed until next year, but here’s a new trailer

Persona 5 has been delayed until next year, but here’s a new trailer

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First, the bad news: Persona 5, one of our most-anticipated games of the year, has been delayed. Originally slated to launch sometime this year, developer Atlus now says to expect the game in the summer of 2016 on both PS3 and PS4. But to ease the pain a bit, a new, lengthy trailer was released today at the Tokyo Game Show, giving the best look yet at the quirky RPG.

The Persona series has become a cult hit thanks to its unique blend of traditional role playing elements and a more lighthearted life-sim game; it's a series where you have to balance a school and social life with fighting demons and saving the world. The next game looks to be no different, starring a cast of hip young high school students (and a talking cat) who can venture into paintings to explore strange fantasy realms. And unlike the previous game, which took place in a small Japanese town, Persona 5 is set in a big, busy city. The trailer is entirely in Japanese, but still gives a good idea of what to expect from the game. It looks weird and wild in all the best ways — plus it has batting cages.

Persona 5

For those sad about the delay, you'll at least get some Persona action this year: Vita game Persona 4: Dancing All Night is due to launch on September 29th.