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A man spent six months and $1,500 making a sandwich from scratch


Cooking something "from scratch" can mean different things to different people. For some it means heading to the farmers market for some fresh ingredients. For others it means skipping the frozen goods section. But for Andy George, host of the show How to Make Everything, it means spending six months and $1,500 growing a garden, turning ocean water into salt, making cheese, and killing a chicken all so he can take a bite of a sandwich truly made from scratch.

Now, for all the work that went into crafting this chicken sandwich, you'd expect it to be the best thing George has ever eaten. You'd expect it to be a sandwich that would inspire future George to spend every Thanksgiving telling his patient family about the time he had a ​real​ sandwich. You'd expect it to be so good that he would consider spending six months and $1,500 to make another one. But it isn't any of those things.

"It's not bad," George said. "That's about it. It's not bad. Six months of my life for not bad. Yeah."

Who wants In-N-Out?