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This is what a Jony Ive-designed Apple store looks like

This is what a Jony Ive-designed Apple store looks like


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We found out in May that Jony Ive was taking a step back from Apple's day-to-day operations to fill the role of chief design officer at the company. In addition to guiding the industrial design and user interface of the company's products, we learned that he would also focus on things like the look and feel of Apple's retail stores. One of the first to open under his oversight is in Brussels, Belgium, and thanks to a press preview we now have a glimpse of what Apple stores will start to look like.

Belgian website ANV has a number of photos of the interior and exterior of the store. At first glance it looks similar to other Apple retail shops — giant panes of glass, a big white Apple logo hanging over the entrance, a dozen tables topped with devices — but when you look a little closer you'll realize the new store's look is much less stark. Potted trees and walls made with clay brick and wood seem to evoke a much different feeling than what you're probably used to when it comes to the inside of an Apple store. This new look is supposedly being rolled out to other stores in the near future, but in the meantime you can go take a look at the rest of the photos here. Now all we need is an ad for the store narrated by Ive himself.

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