New trailers: The Jungle Book, Point Break, Creed, Steve Jobs, and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for

We're quickly heading into Very Serious Movie Season and that means studios are putting the explosions aside and giving us some wonderfully dramatic things to look at. Check down below for 11 of this week's best trailers.

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book is now live action... except for most of it, which is CGI. This is the next installment in Disney's series of dramatic, live-action remakes of its classic animated musicals. So far it looks pretty epic, which isn't exactly what you'd expect from The Jungle Book, but will at the very least make it a new take. I'm skeptical for now — there's a whole lot of action — and also, there's this:

Iron Man's Jon Favreau directs. The gritty reboot will be out next year on April 15th.


You don't have to love Rocky to think that Creed looks amazing. Because, you know, it just does. Creed is a Rocky spinoff that follows the son of Apollo Creed as he begins to step into the ring with the help of none other than Sylvester Stallone's Rocky himself. Michael B. Jordan stars as Creed, reuniting him with the director of Fruitvale Station. It's out on November 25th.

Steve Jobs

Danny Boyle is a great director. Aaron Sorkin is a great writer. Whoever cut this trailer is a great editor. I'm losing it a little bit over this. It enters wide release on October 23rd.

Point Break

The new trailer for Point Break is everything that it should be: ridiculous, action packed, and then even more ridiculous. Its globe-spanning, over-the-top plot makes you immediately throw out any concern about what's going on, and — at least for two and a half minutes — it's pretty fun to watch the theatrics of surfing, skydiving, motorcycling, and FBIing. It's out on Christmas.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Two down, two to go. The plan is to put out a new Divergent film every year until the series is through, and next's year's installment is Allegiant. Given that it's closing in on the end of the story — like other YA adaptations before it, the movie splits a final book in two — things seem to be getting more intense and climactic here than in prior films. It'll be out next March.

American Horror Story: Hotel

This trailer is a short one, but it's all about Lady Gaga. And, yeah, it's great. The season starts October 7th on FX.

Downton Abbey

There's plenty of conclusive language and melancholy tones throughout this new trailer for Downton Abbey's final season. The show starts this month in the UK, but PBS viewers will have to wait until January 6th.

Bridge of Spies

Spielberg's latest is Bridge of Spies, and its new trailer... well, it has a lot going on, maybe even a bit too much to really get a sense for the film. The movie is about a lawyer who's sent to negotiate for the release of a captured American pilot during the Cold War. The Coen brothers are partially behind the script, so expect good things. It's out October 16th.

In the Heart of the Sea

In the Heart of the Sea is a monster movie, except the monster is just a whale. But like, an enormous whale — the one that inspired Moby-Dick. Though this trailer pitches the movie as one giant battle, it seems like much of the film is actually about survival, as the boat's crew attempts to stay alive after the wreck. It'll be out in December.

The Knick

What's nice about The Knick's trailers is that they don't care all that much about telling you what's going on — just about making sure you see the show's incredible settings and get a sense of how wild a ride it'll be. This latest trailer for season two does a wonderful job of it all. It'll start October 16th on Cinemax.


Every other shot of this thing makes me change my mind between thinking it's going to be an amazingly self-aware send-up of action movies, Crank style, or an overly indulgent and unplayable video game. Hardcore is an action movie shot entirely in the first person, just like a first-person shooter with the main character's arms sticking out in front of him. At a bare minimum, it's going to be way over the top. The film is playing at TIFF right now, and there's apparently a bidding war going on over who'll get the buy and release it.

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