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The new Chromecast may have an app that helps you find things to watch

The new Chromecast may have an app that helps you find things to watch

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Google appears to be readying a new version of the Chromecast for an event later this month, and 9to5Google continues to put out more details about it. Its latest report says that Google is working on an update to the Chromecast companion app, which will make the app into a hub for finding things to watch and new places to stream from. Right now, the companion Chromecast app on iOS and Android is basically just a tool for setting up and managing the streaming stick, so this would be a big — and useful — change.

"What's On" will help you find out what's on

The app will reportedly see the introduction of two major new screens, according to 9to5Google. The first is supposed to be called "What’s On." It'll look at which Chromecast-supported apps are on your device and find out — as you've probably guessed — what's on them and available to watch; essentially, its the place you'll go to when you're looking for something to do. The other key new screen is supposed to be "Discover apps." A button for this actually exists within the Chromecast app already, but it just loads Google's Chromecast website. It's a pretty bad experience, so a proper screen that lists Chromecast-compatible apps seems like a smart addition.

News of the new Chromecast broke yesterday, with 9to5Google reporting that it should have a different shape and faster Wi-Fi. The new device is also believed to start offering the ability to show more content on its idle screen when nothing's playing, and this app update may play into that idea of making the device closer to a content hub. It seems like Google still isn't giving the Chromecast a proper browsing interface — something that would certainly be useful — but an improved Chromecast app could help to relieve the need for one.