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Tim Cook says Apple is making 'a substantial donation' to refugee relief

Tim Cook says Apple is making 'a substantial donation' to refugee relief

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has promised that the company will make an unspecified "substantial donation" to organizations providing aid to refugees. In an internal email to Apple staff, published by BuzzFeed and The Telegraph, Cook addressed the ongoing crisis of refugees seeking asylum from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. "Thousands of people have already lost their lives as families embark on long and dangerous journeys across land and sea," wrote Cook. "Our hearts go out to these refugees, and many of you have asked how we can help. Apple is making a substantial donation to relief agencies which provide humanitarian aid to refugees in Europe and around the Mediterranean."

Cook said that Apple would donate double whatever employees contributed to specific aid programs, including the Red Cross. He also suggested that the public contribute through a donation page on iTunes, allowing users to send money to the Red Cross; it's currently advertised on the front page of the App Store.

Google announced its aid campaign for refugees more publicly earlier this month. The company promised €1 million ($1.1 million) to a selection of organizations, including the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Rescue Committee, and Médecins Sans Frontières. This week, it also promised to match the first €5 million ($5.5 million) that users donated through its relief fundraiser. That amount has already been raised, although Google's page still allows non-matched donations directly to relief groups.