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Google event announced for Tuesday, September 29th

Google event announced for Tuesday, September 29th


Much s'more to come, Google says

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Google announced its fall event late Friday, sending out press invitations for an event in San Francisco on Tuesday, September 29th at 9am PT.

Of course, as we recently learned with Google, almost anything could be up its sleeve - including an entirely new corporate name and re-org - but a safer bet is that we're likely to see some new Nexus 5 smartphones.

It's been rumored since last spring that not one, but two Nexus phones might be on the way - one from LG, and another from Chinese phone-maker Huawei. It also wouldn't be surprising if we saw an updated Chromecast; after all, all the cool kids are doing new video streaming devices this fall.

The event could also potentially mark Sundar Pichai's first big event since the reorganization, provided that Pichai makes an appearance.

We'll be there live, so be sure to follow The Verge the day of the event.