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Relive Formula E's wild first season with this supercut of onboard footage

Relive Formula E's wild first season with this supercut of onboard footage

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The first season of Formula E, the global all-electric racing series, was way better than it had any right to be. That was thanks in part to both the cars' battery technology living up to expectations (there were almost no failures on this end, shockingly) and a field of drivers who, each month, showed they were hungry to win. But what made the inaugural season really great was the choice to run every race on tight, winding street circuits, as well as how evenly-matched the cars were, all of which made for chaotic and exciting racing at just about every turn.

A new video released by the series illustrates that chaos in the best way possible: with a supercut of the best onboard footage. For just two minutes and 34 seconds of your time you can relive (or experience for the first time) the time in Miami when Scott Speed snuck past his teammate through an impossibly tight window, or when Jean-Eric Vergne watched Bruno Senna go airborne in Monaco.

A power boost in season 2 should make things even more intense

The whole video is a testament to just how thrilling these races were, despite the cars being limited to a top speed of 140 miles per hour. But that all changes in season two. Not only did the series allow the teams to develop unique powertrains this time around, but the cars are also getting a boost in battery power from 150 kWh to 170 kWh.

The second season begins with a race in Beijing — just like the first one did — on October 24th. The rest of the schedule is largely the same, too, with the notable exceptions being that the Monaco race has been substituted with a race in Paris, and the location of a race in March — which was the Miami race that we attended last season — is still listed as TBD. In the meantime, watch this video, and then head to Formula E's YouTube page, which is chock full of video from the series' debut season.